Worldparts CV axle shafts: a crucial link between the engine and the road

Axle shafts might not need to be frequently changed, but they can cause issues if your customer keeps driving on a failing axle for too long – problems like being stranded until the repairs are done. If your customer complains of a loud clicking noise when they accelerate with the steering wheel turned, it might be that a CV shaft needs to be changed.

Worldparts is proud to offer a comprehensive, high-quality line of CV axle shafts to meet the demands of modern customers. Let's delve a little more deeply into what makes Worldparts axles some of the best on the market.


Mevotech Parts: Designed With Technicians in Mind

Mevotech designs and builds chassis, driveline, steering and suspension components for passenger cars and trucks. They manufacture metal-to-metal bearings, control arms, ball joints, wheel bearings, hub assemblies and a variety of steering components for a wide range of manufacturers and models. 

Mevotech parts are proudly designed and engineered in Canada. Each piece must pass a rigorous quality control process before it arrives in the installer’s hands. 


A winning culture

Visibility for our Bumper to Bumper brand was through the roof during and leading up the Grey Cup game in Ottawa. 



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