Celebrating our journey from 1 to 100 locations

A national synergy and identity consistent from coast to coast

This month we reached an important milestone - we now have over 100 locations in our network that have converted or are in the process of converting to the new program. And we're just getting started. The Bumper to Bumper brand is fast becoming a major player in the Canadian automotive aftermarket industry. 

Celebrate our journey from 1 to 100 locations and see some of the interior and exterior work that has already been done across the country.


Worldparts Hub Assembly: The Right Part for the Job

There was a time when a wheel bearing was quite a complex part to install: you needed to remove the wheel, then the disc, and then the hub. After that, you needed to remove the bearing itself and install a new one using a hydraulic press. One wrong move during this whole process, and your client would come back in a few weeks complaining of noises coming from the wheel. 


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