Raybestos Opti-Cal Caliper

Exceeding OE Specifications and Customer Expectations

Raybestos has been a staple in the aftermarket industry for more than a century. As one of the biggest names in brake components, they regularly come up with interesting products that shake up the competition and encourage development of new technologies. For example, their Element3 EHT (Enhanced Hybrid Technology) pads use a mix of ceramic and semimetallic materials to offer impressive wear rating and brake performance, while their disk offerings are second-to-none in terms of market coverage.

Great advantages

Their latest product in the caliper department is the Opti-Cal, a unit that offers numerous advantages to both you and your client. These calipers are manufactured from 100% brand-new parts, including the main assembly and brackets, meaning there is no core return. This way, you save shelf space while your customers enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience.

The Opti-Cal has been designed from scratch using Raybetos's expertise. It meets or exceeds OE performance, and has been crafted to meet the brand's engineering specifications. Furthermore, it has been tested using standards that are comparable to the original equipment's. The castings themselves are either made of aluminum or are zinc-plated; the brackets and hardware are also plated. The Opti-Cal was created to deal with winter's harsh conditions, and the corrosion-heavy environment found on our roads during the cold season.

Tested and true

Finally, end-of-line testing and quality control ensure leak-free operation, proper brake function, and optimal performance. The Opti-Cal not only meets or exceeds OE specifications, but also adheres to Global Industry standards.

Like the rest of Raybestos's products, the Opti-Cal calipers are available for a wide range of applications, including use on popular vehicles as well as those with a higher replacement rate. Each Opti-Cal caliper comes with:

  1. OE-matched design and specifications
  2. EPDM70 rubber components for superior heat resistance, performance, and durability
  3. Silicon boots for heavy-duty applications
  4. All-new components that function at or above OE requirements
  5. Zinc plating on all cast-iron housings and brackets for superior corrosion protection
  6. Brackets and pad abutment hardware included where applicable
  7. Pre-lubricated guide pins
  8. Surface finish to closely resemble OE

Raybestos has been hard at work developing the Opti-Cal and engineering it so that it can be installed easily, work reliably for thousands of kilometres, and exceed your customers' demands in term of braking performance. 


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