The art of being clearly visible

Bumper to Bumper off to a quick start in 2017 

Our Bumper to Bumper sign is without question the most effective and economical form of advertising that those in our network can invest in. It identifies us, sets us apart and makes the public notice of our brand 24-7, all year round.

Both your exterior and interior signage must be eye-catching, attractive, easy to understand and professional. A well-maintained sign benefits the entire network, projects an image of a proud and professional company and becomes a symbol of trust for our customers.

We are rapidly building momentum for our new Bumper to Bumper store concept across Canada. Here is what is being done in our network.

East Angus

Lachine, interior

Saint-Georges, exterior

Sherbrooke, interior


Worldparts Hub Assembly: The Right Part for the Job

There was a time when a wheel bearing was quite a complex part to install: you needed to remove the wheel, then the disc, and then the hub. After that, you needed to remove the bearing itself and install a new one using a hydraulic press. One wrong move during this whole process, and your client would come back in a few weeks complaining of noises coming from the wheel. 


Worldparts Brake Cables

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