Our Bumper to Bumper wave keeps rolling…this time in Cold Lake, Alberta!

The transformation is now complete

Bumper to Bumper in Cold Lake, Alberta: 22 Years of Experience in Intense Cold Weather

It was -26 °Celsius in Cold Lake, Alberta, when we touched base with Jason Fournier, director of operations of the recently renovated Bumper to Bumper store in this northern Alberta town. “We always have an increase in walk-ins when the temperature changes like that. Last week, it was closer to 0 °C on the thermometer, so the change has been drastic,” says Fournier. Needless to say, it’s not going to get any warmer in the next few months for the people of Cold Lake.

Experienced, and Part of the Community

Even though the building on 55th Street just recently received the prestigious Bumper to Bumper image treatment, the staff inside has a long history of undeniable experience in the business. In fact, Jason Fournier has been operating in this very building for the last 22 years, helping not only local businesses thrive in the industrial sector, but also developing close ties with the community by providing judicious car maintenance advice and high quality parts tailored for the rough climate.

Moreover, Mr. Fournier has grown involved in this tight-knit community; the business supports and sponsors several sports teams and venues, and Mr. Fournier spends a lot of his free time giving back. For instance, he organizes all the sound and commentary for Cold Lake’s junior B hockey team.

Looking the Part

The “Bumper to Bumper metamorphosis” is now complete. “New always looks good,” says Fournier, “this was an old industrial building, and since image is important, the new colors are definitely refreshing,” he continues enthusiastically.

The Bumper to Bumper store in Cold Lake has a geographic advantage in regards to the demand for industrial components. In fact, this facet of the business currently brings in 60% of the revenue. But the wind of change will bring new opportunities. “We should be able to increase the walk-ins, retail, and workshop business thanks to the new image,” says Fournier.

Jason Fournier and the 16 exceptionally qualified employees at the Cold Lake location are ready to take on the winter in a store that sports a brand new outfit. After all, they are Canada’s Parts People!

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Tribute to the Humboldt Broncos hockey team

Our Bumper to Bumper stores across Canada put hockey sticks out to show our respect and to let the Humboldt Broncos & their community know that we and the rest of the country are holding them up in prayer.


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