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Brake Lubricants

B-Quiet & Brembo Fluid

Bumper to Bumper offers 2 types of premium quality lubricants: B-Quiet & Brembo Fluid.

B-Quiet, the lubricant for high efficiency brakes:

B-Quiet (G 00 075) is the Brembo lubricant designed for our range of Aftermarket products. It must be applied on the contact surfaces between the pad and the brake caliper (on the bracket if it’s a floating caliper). B-QUIET helps the braking system to work properly, avoiding friction noise, and assures enhanced part protection from corrosion.

Brembo Fluid, to limit vapor locks:

Strong points: reduced viscosity and high boiling point. Brake discs, calipers, pads and brake and master cylinders are the four cardinal points of each braking system; however, they are likely to be useless without the core of the entire system, the brake fluid. The brake fluid is the core of the braking system.

Brake Lubricants

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