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The dashboard indicator light comes on? It’s time for a diagnosis!

Vehicle Aesthetics

Maintaining your vehicle’s aesthetics is just as important as maintaining its parts. Since buying a car is a big expense, it’s normal to want to maintain its initial appearance for as long as possible. Many treatments exist to restore your car’s appearance or keep it looking good longer. We offer the following services: interior and exterior cleaning, waxing, engine shampoo, paint reconditioning and protection, body work and repairs, interior repairs and upholstery, ozone odour treatment and headlight cleaning. It’s good to do maintenance on your car for several reasons. By taking care of its exterior, not only do you make it look great, but you increase its resale value for future sale. Performing maintenance on your vehicle’s aesthetics is also a way to ensure your comfort as well as your safety on the road. For example, clean headlights provide better road visibility.

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Several indicator lights may appear on your dashboard. One of the most familiar ones is the check engine light. When one of these lights appears, it is important to determine the cause. To do this, visit your repair shop so that one of our experts can use the right tools to solve the issue with your car. Why is it important to determine what’s going on quickly? Because an unresolved issue can lead to many problems, such as a break with another car part or an increase in your car’s fuel consumption as well as in the polluting emissions that it produces.

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Windshield Repair & Replacement

Is your windshield cracked or chipped? In many cases, impact-related chips can be repaired very quickly. Indeed, your windshield can often be repaired rather than replaced. Depending on the size, position and nature of the impact, you can save time and money by repairing your windshield. Your windshield can be repaired if the chip or crack is: Smaller than the diameter of a one-dollar coin Located more than 3 cm from the edge of the windshield Restricted to the outer layer of the glass Not in the driver’s field of vision However, if the chip or crack doesn’t meet these conditions, the entire windshield must be replaced. Whether it’s cracked, chipped or seriously damaged, your Bumper to Bumper repair shop will work carefully and quickly to install a windshield that meets all safety standards.

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