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Steering & Suspension Systems

When driving your vehicle, if you experience discomfort, a soft driving sensation, or a longer braking and reaction time than normal, it is very likely that your vehicle has a steering or suspension problem. It is essential to ensure the proper functioning of these systems so as not to risk damaging more parts on your vehicle.

Suspension System

Your vehicle’s suspension system is made up of several components. Shock absorbers play an important role in your vehicle’s road handling by keeping your tires in contact with the ground. Shock absorbers ensure road adherence and better braking. The coil spring is another vital component that ensures safe driving. It supports the weight of the vehicle, absorbs road shocks and keeps you steering in a straight line. Together, these two parts keep your vehicle at a comfortable height, ensuring a safe drive.

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Power Steering System

The power steering system consists of several components making for a precise and safe driving. The power steering system lets you handle your vehicle easily and precisely. It consists of many components including the power steering pump and fluid, steering rack, steering wheel speed sensor, steering wheel and steering column seal. Together, these components make precise and safe driving possible. The system’s operation is rather complex; it responds to the steering wheel’s movements and then directs hydraulic pressure towards one side of the rack or the other to move the wheels in the desired direction. In short, the hydraulic system is essential because it allows the power steering system to turn the wheels of your car.

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