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Wheel & Tire

Maximizes the life cycle of tires, allows for even tread wearn and saves you money.

Sale & Installation of Tires

Thinking about replacing your vehicle’s tires? To determine if it’s time to replace your current tires, our technicians must check their level of wear. Tire life cycles vary from one vehicle to another. Several factors indicate whether it’s time to change your tires, such as their level of wear and manufacturing date. Whether they’re summer, winter or four-season tires, it’s important they be in good condition to ensure ideal road handling. Because we have a wide variety of tires, no matter the model or year of your car, we can advise you and recommend the best tire for your needs.

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Tire Storage

Storing your tires is important to preserve their condition and extend their life cycle. They must be protected from the elements in a closed, well-ventilated, dry and cool place. If they are simply stored outdoors, their surface may become hard and cracked. Don’t have the perfect place to store your tires? Many Bumper to Bumper repair shops can store them for you until the following season. As new tires are getting bigger and bigger, you’ll avoid injuring yourself by lifting them. This hassle-free service is specially designed to make your life easier. Talk to your Bumper to Bumper service advisor to learn more about tire storage.

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Tire Repair

A damaged tire can lead to a blowout, which can be dangerous, especially at high speeds. A professional mechanic can repair punctured tires or recommend to replace them if they are beyond repair. It is important to take tire repair seriously because it affects the safety and performance of your vehicle. By having your tires repaired by a professional mechanic, you can be confident that they will be properly inspected and repaired to ensure your safety on the road.

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